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Handle Comet Cutting Torch

by Cigweld

The COMET Multi-Purpose 3 Cutting Torch can be used in a wide variety of heavy industrial applications 

  • Variety of heany industrial applications can include heavy duty cutting, gouging, steel construction, foundry, demolition and scrap cutting.
  • A universal multi-fuel mixer allows the torch to operate with Oxy/Acet, Oxy/LPG & Oxy/ Natural gas without the need to change the mixer.
  • Twin Stainless steel tubes are silver brazed into the head and valve body, providing both strength and protection against dangerous gas leaks.
  • Universal Multi-fuel mixer is suitable for use with Acetylene, LP Gas & Natural Gas.
  • Cutting oxygen valve has been designed to allow flow control from a slow bleed to full capacity - Ideal for piercing.
SKU 304141